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The Tomato News 2022 Conference

After two years online, the Tomato News Conference came back in person during CibusTec Forum in Parma on Wednesday 26 October 2022. 

The conference was organized in cooperation with ANICAV which was holding its annual Il Filo Rosso” conference in the morning. 

The theme of the conference was  Challenging times for the global tomato processing industry.


Impact of rising energy costs on major agrifood commodities
Filippo Roda (ARETE, Italy)

EU policies and challenges for tomato processors 
Manuel Vazquez (Tomato Europe President & CONESA, Spain)

The 2022 processing season in the AMITOM countries
Alistair Blake (AMITOM President & Merko, Turkey)

Processing tomato and markets in North America
Mark de la Mater (The Morning Star Company, USA)

The 2022 processing season in China
He Peng (Xinjiang Dimension International Trading, China)

Euphoria a the mist of a recession?
Martin Stilwell (Tomato News President & HIT, Portugal) & Mike Montna (WPTC President & CTGA, USA)

Roundtable discussion  

The conference slides are now available on the Tomato News website: 

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